Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"What we add is the part to actually translate it from basic research actually into people." Col. (Dr.) Robert Vandre

Research is the order of the day for the DoD Bloggers Roundtable as we completed our second today this time with Col. (Dr.) Robert Vandre, the Research Area Director for Combat Casualty Care Research at the U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command.

COL Vandre discussed the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine and the Combat Casualty Care Research to improve quality of life for Wounded Warriors. The AFIRM is a virtual organization committed to developing clinical therapies focusing on five key areas: Burn repair, Wound healing without scarring, Craniofacial reconstruction, Limb reconstruction, regeneration or transplantation and Compartment syndrome. The AFIRM is a strong national effort to address the unprecedented challenges of caring for service members returning from Afghanistan and Iraq with multiple traumatic injuries.

Joining us today was David Axe from War is Boring and Grim from Blackfive and Blake Powers from Laughing Wolf and Blackfive.

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