Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Change takes time ... but I see a lot of progress." Col. Thomas J. McGrath

We just concluded a DoD Bloggers Roundtable with U.S. Army Col. Thomas J. McGrath who gave us an operational update on the operations of the Afghan Regional Security Integration Command South. ARSIC South is part of the Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan.

Col. McGrath's main focus was the development of the Afghan uniform police corps and it's growing capabilities and professionalism throughout his region but covered other topics as well during this all too short 30 minute interview. On the call with us was Christopher Radin of The Long War Journal, Andrew Lubin of The Military Observer, Megan Ortegus of Freedoms Watch, David Axe of War is Boring, Grim from Blackfive, Greg Grant from Next Gov, and Dave Dilegge of the Small Wars Journal. Topics included the deployment of the 2-7 Marines and their role in training the Afghan police; Focus District Development; an overview of the current coalition forces in the area; and COIN doctrine and how it is working in Afghanistan.


Dave Dilegge said...


Thanks for hosting this roundtable today and thanks to COL McGrath for taking time out of his busy schedule to indulge us. As always, very informative! DoD Live has been added to the SWJ blog roll.


- Jack said...

Thanx Dave, we appreciate that. Thanx for joining us.

Ken said...

I just discovered your site and thoroughly enjoyed the discussion with COL McGrath. With your permission, I would like to trade links with your site.


- Jack said...

Sure, Ken. Not a problem.