Friday, May 2, 2008

Pentagon Channel Highlights

0900 - SecDef Remarks: Thursday's coverage of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates speaks at Fort Bliss, TX. (Encore, VoD, 15 min)

0915 - Pentagon Briefing: Thursday's coverage of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ADM Michael Mullen; Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs COL Loree Sutton; and Commander of Walter Reed Health Care System COL Patricia Horoho speak with reporters at the Pentagon. (Encore, VoD, Podcast, 40 min)

1030 - Pentagon Briefing: Deputy Commandant for Marine Corps Aviation LtGen George Trautman and four members of the Marine Corps’ first operational Osprey squadron speak with reporters, discussing the initial combat deployment of the MV-22 Osprey . (Live, VoD, Podcast) Encore presentations at 1800 & 0000hrs.

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