Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pentagon Channel Highlights

0900 - Iraq Briefing Encore: LTG James Dubik, Commanding General, Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq; MG Kevin Bergner, Multi-National Force-Iraq spokesman; Adnan al-Asadi, Iraqi Senior Deputy Minister of Interior; General Nasr Abadi, Vice Chief of Staff, Iraqi Armed Forces, discuss developments in preparedness of the Iraqi Security Forces. (Live, VoD, Podcast) Encore presentations at 0000hrs.

1130 - Pentagon Briefing: ADM Timothy Keating, Commander of US Pacific Command, speaks with reporters at the Pentagon, providing an update on recent relief operations to Burma and China . (Live, VoD, Podcast) Encore presentations at 1800 & 0600hrs.

1200 - USAFA Graduation: Commander in Chief George W. Bush delivers remarks to the US Air Force Academy Class of 2008. (Live, VoD)

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