Monday, April 13, 2009

Progress Update Provided by Director of Iraqi Center for Lessons Learned

Col. Evan Jay Trinkle, director of the Iraqi Center for Lessons Learned talked with bloggers and online journalists on DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable April 9 about the center’s lessons learned in Iraq to date. “The government of Iraq is making enormous progress in developing a professional military force that is capable of collecting and analyzing data from the variety of current and historic sources. This includes operations and training events that produce reports and viable training, lessons for military commanders, staff and students,” said Trinkle. “The mission of MNSTC-I is to … be of assistance to the Iraq government. In that, we must make certain the necessary steps of ensuring the nation’s self-sufficiency during the critical transition from coalition- to Iraq-led operations in support of the security agreement are all in place.”

Joining us on the call were Chuck Simmons and Sean Pillai

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