Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Intelligence Strategies Seek to Predict Enemy Actions

“The problem we deal with now is much more complex with enemies that will not only hide among the population, but will also open fire on our ground forces from amongst the population,” Air Force Col. Eric Holdaway, AFCENT/AFFOR director of intelligence, told bloggers and online journalists during a DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable, April 23. To combat these challenges, the Air Force devised new strategies for gathering information to target the enemy. “The purpose of all intelligence is to help our commanders get ahead of the enemies decision cycle so that we are able to anticipate what they are likely to do… so that we can obtain our objectives,” Holdaway said. Joining us on the call were Jarred Fishman, www.airforcepundit.com; David Axe, www.warisboring.com; Chuck Simmons, www.northshorejournal.com; Noah Schachtman, www.blog.wired.com; Greg Grant, www.military.com; Airforcelive.mil.


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