Thursday, April 9, 2009

General Provides Iraq Update

“We continue to operate under the security agreement as of 1 January which means more and more of the security responsibilities are being passed to the government of Iraq and their security forces,” Maj. Gen. David Perkins, director of Strategic Effects, CJ-9, Multi-National Force – Iraq, told bloggers and online journalists. MNF-I has already transitioned over 40 bases, areas, and facilities back under the guidance of the Iraqis, Perkins added.

Joining us on the call were Greg Grant, Jeremy Domergue, and Jarred Fishman.

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Rex said...

Congressman Jared Polis recently completed a trip to Iraq. Based on briefings, he says the post-2009 mission of U.S. troops in Iraq is that "these troops would be a regional base of operations for us for operations outside Iraq and not to maintain stability in Iraq".

Can you comment on this statement? Is this the mission being briefed to official visitors?