Friday, April 3, 2009

North Dakota Adjutant General Discusses Flood Relief Efforts

Maj. Gen. David A. Sprynczynatyk, the adjutant general, North Dakota National Guard, discussed the current relief efforts the National Guard is providing to the flooded region in North Dakota, in a special roundtable with bloggers and online journalists. Sprynczynatyk described the flooding as "epic" but applauded the efforts of National Guard soldiers and airmen from North Dakota, as well as Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri, who have all contributed to the flood effort. "We have done everything we can to bring together the resources, the equipment, the people, to assist those communities," said Sprynczynatyk. "In a matter of five days we went from zero on state active duty to over 2,400."

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MsMarti said...

I live in Fargo. I was sorry to have missed being available to speak with you Major General.

The people of Fargo and surrounding towns will NEVER forget the efforts of the National Guard on our behalf. Without the HESCO barriers, my area would have been underwater, and your Guardsmen patrolled those barriers in the near blizzard to assure our safety.

I just can't begin to thank all of you enough, for your calm and efficient manner of aid you provided us.

It was an incredible week, filled with incredible moments. You had to be there and be involved to fully understand.

Thank you all!