Tuesday, July 15, 2008

“We plan on showcasing a number of areas ... that are vitally important to … creating future capabilities for our soldiers,” said Dr. Parmentola

John A. Parmentola, Director for Research and Laboratory Management for the U.S. Army, joined us today for an Army Bloggers Roundtable. He described the seven technology/research areas that will be discussed at the upcoming 26th Army Science Conference in December. The seven areas that will be showcased include: Autonomous Systems, Biotechnology, Immersive Technology, Nanotechnology, Network Science, Neuroscience and Quantum Information Services.

Joining us on the call today were Sharon Weinberger, blog.wired.com/defense; Bruce McQuan, www.qando.net; Science News, www.sciencenews.org/; Brian Wang, Next Big Future, nextbigfuture.com/, Tim Stevens with ubiwar.com/ and Steven Hoober with Public Sector Communications, http://shoobe01.blogspot.com/.

For more information about the upcoming conference, visit www.asc2008.com/


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