Friday, July 25, 2008

“The opportunity to serve and follow in our father’s footsteps was one of our dreams growing up," said Maj. LaHavie Brunson

The Brunson family, which includes retired Sgt. Maj. Albert Brunson (Father); Maj. LaHavie Brunson (Son); Lt. Col. Xavier Brunson (Son); Maj. Tavi Brunson (Son); Capt. Miryam Brunson (Daughter-in-law). Lt. Col. Kirsten Brunson (daughter-in-law) discussed their proud tradition of serving in the U.S. Army and their combined 100 years of service with bloggers.

First row: Karyn Brunson (wife of Maj. LaHavie Brunson), Maryam Brunson,
Maj. Tavi Brunson, LTC Kirsten Brunson

Second row: Maj. LaHavie Brunson, Rachel Brunson, Rebecca Brunson
(children of LTC Kirsten and LTC Xavier Brunson),
LTC Xavier Brunson

Third row: Sgt. Maj. (Ret.) Albert Brunson,
Delphine Brunson (Sgt. Maj Al Brunson’s wife).

Joining us on the call were Andrew Lubin,, and Brad Staggs,, Jarred Fishman,, and Bryant Jordan,

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