Thursday, July 31, 2008

"...this is what you're seeing right now; some no-kidding-hard-knuckles political wrangling going on and, quite frankly, as messy as it is it's

exactly what we're hoping for." Rear Admiral Patrick Driscoll, Deputy Chief, MNF-I Strategic Communications said today on the DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable. Rear Adm. Driscoll discussed with us the improving security environment and progressing political processes in Iraq.

On the call with us today were Grim of Blackfive, Scott Malensek from Flopping Aces, Marisa Cochrane of the Institute for the Study of War, D.J. Elliot from the Long War Journal, Jarred Fishman of the Air Force Pundit, Andrew Lubin from Get the Gouge and Proceedings, Bruce McQuain of QandO, Paul McLeary from Defense Tech International, and Jonas Hogg from The Ball Gunner.

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