Friday, April 18, 2008

Where’s More DoD New Media? Ask Wikipedia

Interested in knowing about everything DoD has to offer in new media, but can’t find it all in one place? Try our Wikipedia page, where you can read about all of our new media programs and products, and you’ll find links to all of our new media content. Plus, you can read about the new media directorate’s role in DoD public affairs and find out how and why we got started on these efforts.

While you’re surfing Wikipedia, you can also find out how you can contribute to programs that provide support to our troops on the America Supports You Wikipedia page. America Supports You connects you to hundreds of non-profit “homefront” groups sponsoring programs to give back to America’s military servicemembers for their sacrifices. If you are interested in doing something to support the troops, America Supports You is a good starting point!

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