Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bloggers Roundtable for tomorrow, Thursday 01 May

Coming up tomorrow on the DoD Bloggers Roundtable we have scheduled Colonel Steven Mains and Mr. Milton Hileman from the U.S. Army Center for Army Lessons Learned, Combined Arms Center, Ft. Leavenworth, KS. The Center for Army Lessons Learned produces a series of handbooks to assist Soldiers, commanders, and staffs prepare for the first 100 days of combat. The first handbook, CALL Soldiers' Handbook No.07-15, The First 100 Days, published in March 2007, focused on Soldier-level skills. It has been CALL's most popular publication with over 200,000 copies printed. The second, CALL Leader's Handbook No. 07-27, followed in July 2007 and provided information to leaders at the company level and below.

Handbook 08-10 The First 100 Days, Commander and Staff published in February 2008 is for brigade and battalion commanders and their staffs. The final handbook will cover military transition teams and the unique issues they face in training and advising Iraqi military units.
COL Mains and Mr. Hileman, the principle author, of these books will discuss the collection and publication of lessons learned and the responses from the Soldiers and leaders who use them.

Following Col. Mains and Mr. Hileman we'll be speaking with Dr. Don Resio, Senior Technologist, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (CHL), Vicksburg, MS

Dr Resio will be here to speak on the research he has conducted and the role of the Corps of Engineers in studying climate variability and its potential impacts on coastal areas in the Gulf Region. He can speak to discuss climate variability and potential changes in waves and coastal surges within the Gulf of Mexico. Dr. Resio was the leader of the risk analysis team for the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Program, and has conducted extensive studies into hurricane behavior and probability, and long-term risk assessment.

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