Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today on the Bloggers Roundtable

Wow, busy day today. Sorry for the late post but we had some technical difficulties this morning which threw the whole day into a bit of chaos.

Today we spoke with Rear Adm. James Stevenson, Commnader U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command about the stand-up of the U.S. Navy 4th Fleet. RDML Stevenson discussed with Galrahn and Greg Grant about the force structure, capabilities, infrastructure and focus of the 4th Fleet.

Also today we spoke with Brig. Gen. Dennis Rogers, Deputy Director of Operations and Facilities, HQ Installation Management Command along with Command Sgt. Major Debra Strickland the Command Sergeant Major for IMCOM about the recently released You Tube footage depicting problems with barracks for returning soldiers to Fort Bragg, NC. A very lively and enlightening discussion with John Donovan, C.J. Grisham, Bryant Jordan, Matt Burden, Brandon Friedman, Bruce McQuain, and Chuck Simmins. The transcripts and audio files will be posted soon.

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Galrahn said...

Thanks for hosting Jack, good topic today.