Monday, June 9, 2008

Pentagon Channel Highlights

(All Times Eastern)

0900 - Iraq Briefing: MG Mark Hertling, Commander of Multi-National Division-North and the 1st Armored Division, speaks via satellite with reporters at the Pentagon, providing an update on ongoing security operations in Iraq. (Live, VoD, Podcast) Encore presentation at 0100hrs.

0930 - US Army War College Graduation: Saturday's coverage of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ADM Michael Mullen speaking to the graduating class at the US Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, PA. (VoD)

1300 - Pentagon Briefing: MajGen Douglas Stone, Commander of Task Force 134, speaks with reporters at the Pentagon, providing an update on ongoing detention operations in Iraq. MajGen Stone recently completed a 14-month tour as the Deputy Commanding General for Detainee Operations with Multi-National Force-Iraq. He will discuss his time deployed in the country. (Live, VoD, Podcast)

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Anonymous said...


What ever happened to isolationism? The european democracies are judging us harshly while bumming off of our protective umbrella, the middle east loathes us and everyone else is between indifferent and hoping to see a light show on US soil.

I'm an American writing from Australian soil and the anti-US sentiment here was always bad, but it's especially so now. People outside the US feel like they don't want the 'world police' running around their back yard. So why don't we give them that?

I would like someone to critique the idea of a post Iraq war complete withdrawal of US forces from combat, support and strategic positions globally and to redeploy our forces to protect our home soil only, with the only exception being strategically capable forces in the Pacific.

This would answer all the critics and maybe leave them to answer for their criticism. Why spill American blood for un-American problems? Let the middle east fall in a heap, let Europe go without a guardian, let Australia feel its isolation. As America's concerns aren't theirs, then theirs are not Americas.

I hope for a strategic and not moral response. The morals are there, but living overseas in what is likely the most Pro-American country outside of the US and Israel, the atmosphere here is frigid when you mention our great nation.

- Maxwell Davenport