Thursday, March 26, 2009

Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle program Discussed

“We’re currently building seven new prototypes to that new design. Those vehicles are currently going through fabrication and machining the hulls at Join Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio. They’ll be in assembly this summer,” USMC Col. Keith Moore, program manager for the Marine Corps Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle program said in a DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable, March 25. Moore added that in May of this year, the first vehicles are expected to be delivered to the Marine Corps for testing.

Joining us on the call were David Axe,; Beth Wilson, Homefront in Focus; and AirForceLive; Andrew Lubin, military observer; and Jason Sigger, armchairgeneralist.

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Anonymous said...

This program, although in it's inception was very important, is easily defeated by both a surface-to-ship missle, as well as by it's very design for reliability. The only way it would pass the design for reliability is by how you frame the method of measurement for success. Reliability should be measured from garage to engagement to garage, not just for some segment of that time. Not to mention the fact that very little time or expense has gone into the planning for logistical support for the vehicle or it's major components.