Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"When I look at the mission statement and the specific objectives, I think the Coast Guard's ability to contribute to the joint force and

deliver our unique competency and capability, in rounding out the combatant commander's tools that are available to him, to address his maritime security requirements is clear," Capt. Michael Giglio, Chief of Law Enforcement, U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters told online journalists and bloggers in a Bloggers Roundtable, Feb. 17.

Giglio added that the Coast Guard's contributions is "one small example of the ways in which the Coast Guard, partnering with the U.S. Navy, can deliver a very broad mix of skills to address what is a pretty broad spectrum of threats in the maritime environment today."

Capt. Charles Michel, Chief of the Office of Maritime and International Law, U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters also addressed bloggers and spoke about the Coast Guard's involvement in global anti-piracy efforts.

Participating in the roundtable were: Christian Lowe,; David Axe,; Jim Dolbow, www.cglog,org and/or; Chuck Simmons,; Eagle1,; Bruce McQuain,; Bill Nagle,

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