Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Before 2003, the police were one of several security agencies here in Iraq whose sole purpose was to keep Sadaam Hussein in power ...

Today we're trying to flip that around and elevate the police to a postion of primacy here in the country; where the populace has confidence in them, they trust them. And we're seeing positive trends in that regard in terms of the public's perception of its police," said Maj. Gen. James M. Milano, Deputy Commanding General, Directorate of Interior Affairs, Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq. Maj. Gen. Milano talked with Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent, Bill Roggio from The Long War Journal, Chuck Simmons with America's North Shore Journal, Marisa Cochrane from the Institute for the Study of War, Christian Lowe with, Andrew Lubin of Proceedings, Jarred Fishman with The Air Force Pundit, and Paul McLeary from DTI on a MNSTC-I Bloggers Roundtable.

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