Monday, November 10, 2008

Army Transforming Soldier Rehabilitative Care Programs, General Says

The Army has put a lot of effort into improving rehabilitative care for soldiers since coming under criticism in February 2007 for conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Army Brig. Gen. Gary H. Creek said in a bloggers roundtable to discuss the Defense Department’s Warrior Care Month. "We have really, in many ways, transformed (outpatient care) in terms of the facilities that we use, the services that we provide, and the leadership that we have dedicated to that effort – which includes the medical management folks who help soldiers through that," Creek said. "We want to make the soldier very much a part of and responsible for their rehabilitative program, and we want to work hard to measure…how well we’re doing satisfying soldier’s needs, families’ needs…and then listening to them to continue to refine the program."

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