Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Today I was told by an Afghan general that if Kandahar becomes secure, all of Afghanistan will become secure." Col. John Cuddy

Col. John Cuddy, Commander, Regional Police Advisory Command - South spoke to us today from Kandahar, Afghanistan on the DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable. Four months into his assignment, Col. Cuddy reported to us the progress he has seen in the training of the Afghan National Police; the Focused District Development program in the provinces of Kandahar, Zabul, Uruzgan, and Helmand; and the ability to train a cohort of 500 Afghan National Police recruits for the first time. A cohort which, also for the first time, included four female recruits. The Regional Police Advisory Command - South is tasked with the responsibility to train the Afghan National Police as part of the Afghan Regional Security Command - South of Task Force Phoenix VII.

With us on the call was, Grim of Blackfive, Christopher Radin of the Long War Journal, and Troy from Bouhammer.

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